Pak-German Friendship

During my childhood, I developed a hobby of listening to foreign media broadcasts on radio. As I grew up I realised that the cause of my passion was my thirst for knowledge, an urge to
connect to the world beyond my circle. I decided to pursue my passion and framed a radio listeners’ club in my local community in year 2001. I and my club members would send reception reports to international broadcasting stations. Soon, we got our club registered from world’s leading international broadcasters.

Promoting Pak-German friendship via hobby

I was fond of listening to Deutsche Welle’s English and Urdu language broadcasts on everyday
basis. I loved tuning into DW because of its impartial, fair and up to DW Best Club Awarddate news, reports and special features especially on international politics. That is why I decided to promote Deutsche Welle broadcasts and Pak-German friendship through my hobby. I would regularly organise club meetings, display promotional materials in club library, organise exhibitions to promote German language and culture in my society.  Due to our efforts, Deutsche Welle bestowed us away the best club award in 2005.


I was appointed as Technical Monitor for the English broadcasts of Radio Taiwan International and Voice International Radio of Australia, 2002 and 2003, respectively. I started publishing an online bi-monthly newsletter, “Radio World”, from 2002 to 2005. The newsletter’s biodata is published every year in the yearly issue of “World Radio TV Handbook”.


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