Studibus – Towards Greening the Environment

Your luck is so good that you bite your fingers to make sure it’s not a dream because you got an admission at your dream institute and you got a room in the student dormitory. Finally all the sweat and tears you shed has paid off. And now the coming months will be all sunshine and rainbows for you. But wait. Now you have to move your stuff! This is a quest that you will not triumph. Even if

you succeed you will be a mere survivor. Moving is a quest which requires significant financial and physical resources. And students usually do not have both. However there are a few options available. One of these options is the “Studibus” by AStA at University of Bonn. Since October 2012, the environment club at AStA has been cooperating with a car-sharing company to run the Studibus project. We went to Elisa, representative of environmental club at AStA, to know more about this project.

Studibus at AStA

We asked Eliza what the project Studibus is about. “If a student wants to move his stuff he can rent Studibus with by paying 25 € for half-day and 35 € for the whole day plus 41 cents per kilometer as fuel charges. One can transport luggage with a total volume of 10 square meters. It is good for the environment since students only use bus when they really need it”, said Elisa.

Students are Studibus users

But how do students feel about this idea? We had a chance to have a chat with Lea, a Masters’ student at University of Bonn, while she was loading her stuff on Studibus. “I’m moving today in my first own flat”, she said with a smile. “I thought it might be a good idea as well because its cheap and a friend of mine used this service just a month ago. So far it was quite easy. I think its especially good for me because I am younger than 21 and most private companies rent vans and so cars for people who are older.”

However not everyone is happy. Shahid Nadeem, a student of Masters in North American Studies at University of Bonn said that his experience with studibus was not good. “I want to give one suggestion to AStA about Studibus that they should increase the number of their, eh, carriage van.”

Another Master student of University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Seig said that after trying for many weeks to book the bus he finally gave up and became a member of Flinkster – a service by Deutsche Bahn. However, when he went there to pick up the bus, he saw Studibus parked at the station. “There were four Studibus standing in front of me. So, Deutsche Bahn Flinkster service is actually renting Studi buses. I really don’t know maybe they are renting to Flinkster in order to get hourly earnings from them.”

The students’ issues could be resolved by talking to AStA authorities in order to get positive results of this service which is especially meant for students.


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