More than a German Winter

In my home country the farmers harvest their crops in winter and celebrate a harvest fest known as ‘Basant’. We get wonderful citrus fruits in winter there and is the only time in the whole year when we can bear to sit under the sun. Winter, for me, like New Year and Christmas celebrations. Christmas in Germany is beautiful I love all the colorfulness and cheerfulness that comes with it.  So for all these reasons I am fascinated towards  winter season.


I really enjoyed the Pakistani winters back home. Because the place where I belong to is located near to Pakistan’s second largest desert (Cholistan) and the winter season really cool there. The average temperature remains around 15 to 20 degree Celsius. Winter season means a lot of festivities to cherish.

I got the “Winter” topic for my study project. I was interested to work on it because I like winter season and eagerly wait for it.  I wanted to make a report on a student similar to my home country’s weather conditions, i.e. Asian or African student. I wanted to explore their viewpoints on German weather like what they actually do in winter. How  they celebrate their holidays in winter, especially on Christmas Eve?

Have a look at what Mr. Shah says about his personal experiences on German Winter.



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