Baking ‘Nan Khatais’ on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is a festivity which is celebrated with great zeal and zest by millions of people around the world. Whole the year round people wishes for the Christmas day come soon and have fun with their families.

Around five weeks before Christmas Eve (last week of November) the city centers, town halls, public offices, buildings, offices etc. are starting decorated in Germany. Many people visit the Christmas markets (in German, “Weihnachtsmarkt”) during the nights and enjoy the cool atmosphere by sharing the specialties “Glühwein” (hot wine), gingerbread or whatever they feel good with their family and friends.

I had a chance to visit ‘Bonn Weihnachtsmarkt’ and tasted a famous German fish, though enjoyed it much but was quite difficult to finish a big portion of fish in the end, ha-ha!! Well, I did observe the long queues outside the main post office located in the city center where people were waiting for their turn to send greeting cards, souvenirs, and gifts to their loved ones. From there I had an idea that why shouldn’t I send something to my German friends who they live in different parts of Germany. The question was to send what? Being lost in thoughts for couple of days, suddenly I had approached a unique idea to send something sweets, the Pakistani sweets!

Yes, I baked Pakistani home-made biscuits, called ‘Nan Khatai’, for the first time in my life. It took me less time to buy the required ingredients and started making dough, which is a main laborious part of making and the rest is done by oven. When I was finished with my baking, I was so happy the taste it had produced and the kitchen was completely filled with sweet biscuits’ fragrance. I was also much delighted the response I received from my friends that they liked them very much.


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